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Overlooking roof maintenance issues can result in leaks, water damage and even structural problems, which is why you should choose an eagle-eyed roofing contractor in Grant or Fremont, MI, Newaygo county, and surrounding counties. The team at RAO Roofing will come prepared with the latest equipment and nearly three decades of industry knowledge to assess your roof. We can then recommend a cost-effective solution.

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We do more than the average roofing contractor. Our licensed, insured and skilled crew can...

  • Use tuckpointing techniques to repair and renew your old chimney
  • Work with your adjuster to streamline your insurance claim
  • Install skylights, vinyl siding and insulation

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Ron and his crew were great! He understood we had a budget and we wanted a quality roof and Ron came through with flying colors! He color matched our existing shingles and honestly my family and I really could not be happier, the job was clean no nails or debri anywhere they moved our garden decor and honestly you wouldn't be able to tell that we had our roof replaced the perimeter of the house is spotless. Ron is not pushy I felt he understood what we needed and we could not be more pleased.

Jennifer Woods


To be quite honest, the quote for our metal roof that we received from RAO was half of the cost of the competition, {Montell Construction gave us an insane price of $65,000.00 + ,} which initially gave me some concern, as generally you get what you pay for; but not in this case! RAO did a fantastic job, fulfilled all their obligations, immediately addressed any issues, and in the end, we ended up with a nice new metal roof! I would highly recommend them for your next roofing project! These are reliable, hard-working and talented individuals. THANKS!

Marc Jacobsson


Ron and his whole crew did an amazing job on my roof. House and garage. Very professional and compassionate about their work. Very straight forward on what needed to be done and very reasonable prices! I would recommend RAO Roofing to everyone! Can't thank them enough!

Molly Roberson


RAO roofing was great to work with! We really appreciated Ron's knowledge and options for our roof repair. They were timely and efficient in their work. Highly recommend RAO roofing!

Robert Davis


Thanks, RAO Roofing! You did a great job with the metal roof installation. The project was big, but your team managed to finish it on time and our commercial building is now ready to open. Thank you again, I will recommend your services to some of my business partners.

John Mangano


RAO Roofing installed a new roof for us a few months ago. Their team did excellent work, the roof looks very good and the price was fair. I already recommended their services to some neighbors.

Jay Gries